About Jolie


When Jolie first started it was just a big dream with small means. Now, after over a decade of hard work, Jolie is proud to have the finest workers and machines in the world. That will provide you the best high quality and most reliable products.


Jolie Diamond & Jewelry Ltd. specializes in the design and setting of diamonds and semi-precious stones in high-end jewelry. The company is based in Nazareth, Israel and was established by Elias Haddad in 2003. Haddad studied business administration and diamond settings before gaining invaluable experience working for some of the most respected diamond design and setting companies in the USA. He returned to his home town of Nazareth and established Jolie.

Jolie specializes in 14-18K gold and platinum using only high-end materials. They offer a collection of unique designs using a range of setting techniques including pave, channel and invisible settings. From the outset the emphasis at Jolie was on quality, craftsmanship and customer service.


From the initial sketches of the in-house design team and through to the transformation from paper to reality no aspect is overlooked. Jewelry casting is used to produce original pieces or to precisely recreate an original. At Jolie there is constant collaboration between the goldsmith and diamond setter to ensure that the highest standards are kept and that harmony is created between the metals and stones. At every stage of the process the individual elements of the piece are pre-polished. Then when they are assembled the jewelry polisher once again goes over the piece. The smallest details are given attention. The settings are crafted with tremendous skill to create a balance between the aesthetic and technical requirement of holding the stone firmly in place. Jolie craftsmen are particularly noted for their ability to set every stone, no matter the size, with a minimum amount of metal and firm settings.


 Jolie’s fine products are exported to clients around the world and they have participated in several international exhibitions. Their unfailing attention to detail and no compromise policy on quality control has gained Jolie a reputation for excellence. All rights reserved
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