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 Founder and Designer of Jolie Diamonds - Elias Haddad


.Jolie Diamond & Jewelry Ltd. was established by Elias Haddad

Elias Haddad Born In 1977 at Nazareth. He is a self – taught jewelry design talent his interest in jewelry making, started at the young age of 18 when he already made jewelry for his family and friends. In 1996, he studied business administration and diamond setting from the finest masters in Haifa, and afterwards Haddad spent time in the USA working with companies specializing in jewelry design and settings.

This invaluable experience gave him the inspiration to return to his hometown of Nazareth and open his own diamond and jewelry manufacturing company. Haddad established Jolie when he was only 25 years old, and so in the year of 2003 his dream became true, when he opened a small factory in Nazareth.

The ancient city is best known as the childhood home of Jesus. The city’s spirituality, heritage and vibrant culture contribute to the passion embodied in Jolie jewelry. To this day Nazareth remains his main source of inspiration.

In 2014 Haddad inaugurated a modern five story building where the workshops are now located as well as his studio.


The factory specializes in unique designs, high-quality gold and platinum and pure diamonds and semi-precious stones. Jolie exports jewelry to clients across the globe and has participated in numerous international exhibition

Jolie prides itself on producing the most exclusive engagement rings in the world. Each piece is designed by an in-house team and hand crafted to perfection. Jolie engagement rings combine modern glamour with timeless elegance. The materials used are of the highest quality, the diamonds come from the finest diamond mines and are matched with the perfect setting to best complement the stone’s beauty.  

Jolie stands out among its competitors for its track record of impeccable customer service and creation of original custom-made luxury solitaire and multi-stone engagement rings. The love and care that Jolie puts into the creation of every ring can be felt by the wearer.

When choosing an engagement ring take into account Jolie’s stellar reputation for service and exclusive quality jewelry. Jolie can give you a ring which embodies the spirituality of Nazareth and the unmatched craftsmanship of skilled artisans who have a passion for jewelry.


.Elias Haddad had and still has big dreams and a unique point of view for diamonds and jewelry, this is what makes him special, and this is what makes Jolie special All rights reserved
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