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Nazareth Made


The Difference Of Jewelry

There is something special about a piece of jewelry created in the heart of the Holy Land, in a town nestled among the mountains of the Lower Galilee. When you wear jewelry made in Nazareth you will always have a piece of his unique location close to your heart. Nazareth is a place of spirituality, history and faith with a blend of Middle Eastern charm and modern culture. The city has a vibrant natural beauty and the Old City of Nazareth retains its cobbled streets and charming stone buildings.

The history of Nazareth can be traced back thousands of years. The city began as a small agricultural community and first mention of Nazareth in ancient texts was in the 3rd century. Due to the city’s religious significance many churches were built here including the magnificent Church of the Annunciation.

Nazareth is best known as the childhood home of Jesus; it is home to the largest Christian population in Israel and has some of the most exquisite churches in the country. Many of the Jolie pieces are inspired by the significance of Nazareth in Christianity. It was here that the Archangel told Mary of her future son and Joseph worked in his carpentry. Jesus spent his childhood in Nazareth and each year thousands of Christians come to the city to see his childhood home and site of the annunciation.

Jolie is located in Nazareth, but you can find her products all over the world; in Asia, Europe and in the U.S.A.  Her unique location is in the Industrial Park, which is part of the city’s plan to promote innovative local companies. Jolie jewelry from Nazareth offers its clients unique designs and settings from the heart of the HolyLand All rights reserved
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